Theology is rooted in faith and seeks an understanding of God, creation, sin and salvation. Theology courses, prefixed THEO, offered at the University of Saint Francis will introduce you to the study of God and the relation of God to all of creation. You’ll examine divine revelation as it is manifested in the sources of Catholic faith and Christian tradition, while reflecting on your own experience. Most Theology courses are taught from the Catholic theological tradition. Your program of study will allow you to deepen your adult faith and provide you with the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to contribute meaningfully as a citizen in contemporary culture.

A bachelor’s degree in Theology will prepare you for several career options or study at the graduate level. Upon graduation, you may find employment as a high school instructor in theology or religion, or in a variety of positions at the parish or diocesan level. Because the Theology program is taught in the liberal arts tradition, you will also be prepared for graduate studies in theology, law, business or medicine.