Student Clubs and Organizations

Cougars for Faith, Family, and Life

Cougars FFL is a group dedicated to promoting the interconnection of faith, family, and life. They meet every Thursday at 8:00 PM.

Honors Club

The purpose of the Honors Club is to strive for scholastic excellence in all of our collegiate endeavors, to promote interest in the heritage of Saint Francis and to foster “spirit” among members of the University of Saint Francis community.

The Honors Club seeks the continued development and accomplishments of USF students. Along with USF, the Honors Club assists and supports the community with the knowledge and tools that have been erudite to Honors Club students and members. The Honors Club promotes and supports the cultural diversity of the community and USF with the further learning and incorporation of a mixture of religions and cultures. The Honors Club incorporates the Franciscan values of USF, which are:

  • Reverence the unique dignity of each person.
  • Encourage a trustful, prayerful community of learners.
  • Serve one another, society and the church.
  • Foster peace and justice.
  • Respect creation.

For more information, please contact Honors Club advisor Dr. Ken Bugajski at 260.399.7700, ext. 8110.